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Fan fiction is literature too, and this group is for authors who treat their stories seriously. This group gathers quality fan fiction together in one place, including the fanfic Daily Deviations. Our purpose is to be the place deviants come to when they want to find a well-written fanfic, post their own, and give and receive thoughtful comments and critiques.
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Oct 2, 2012


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349 Members
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Rules and Guidelines

Welcome to LiteraryFanFiction!

We are the gathering place for quality fan fiction. Our goal is to raise awareness of quality fan fiction and to improve the community's overall opinion of it. Fan fiction suffers from a stigma that it is poorly written, plotted, full of poorly developed characters, and basically that it is "bad writing." We wish to show the community that we are serious writers and we take our fiction seriously. This is not to say "bad fan fiction" doesn't exist - it does - but there are numerous well written fanfics out there as well. We want the community to see how wonderful our chosen medium can be. We wish to share with the community the all great fanfics available.

Please feel free to look around and enjoy! :D

Come visit our new chat room! #LitFanFic

Rules & Guidelines

Since we are striving for quality fan fictions, we have strict guidelines for submissions.

:bulletgreen: Fan Fiction - This is a fan fiction group. Your submission must be fan fiction in the English language, as we are not qualified to judge literary standards in other languages.

:bulletgreen: Format - Please submit only pieces that are narrative prose (stories), poetry, or non-narrative prose about writing or fanfiction. Prose should not contain in-line citations, excessive footnotes, or "fill in the blank" passages.

:bulletgreen: Grammar, Spelling, Punctuation - Please make sure your fic is well-edited before submitting. A typo can be overlooked, but a fanfic that's full of errors is just sloppy. This includes punctuation of dialog.

:bulletgreen: Gallery Folders - Submit to the proper folder. Each folder has 'Fandoms' and then letters listed after it. Those letters are for the first letter of your fan fiction's series title. Do not use articles (a, an, the) when alphabetizing your series. (Ex. - The Dresden Files would go under D, for Dresden, not T.)

:bulletgreen: Crossovers - Crossovers are allowed, if the story premise is possible (please nothing wild, like humanized My Little Ponies traipsing around with sparkling vampires). Please submit crossovers under the fandom name the main POV character belongs to. Example: in a Superman/X-Men crossover, if the fanfic is told from Wolverine's POV, submit the story into the "Fandoms V, W, X, Y, Z" gallery because Wolverine is from the X-Men franchise.

:bulletgreen: Featured Folder - The Featured folder is reserved for the Fan Fiction Daily Deviations, and other DDs related to fan fiction. Remember, if you know any great fan fictions, feel free to recommend them to me, SingingFlames! :)

:bulletgreen: Canon - To avoid reader confusion, stories should remain canon or, at least, canonically possible (something that is conceivable in that fandom). :new: Stories that contradict canon are at risk of being declined. Be prepared to defend anything that isn't, or may not be, canon.

:bulletgreen: Romantic Relationships - Please keep all relations in your fanfic canon or canonically possible (i.e. the 'other' person in a romantic triangle). We accept all orientations, as long as it's canon. Don't change a character's sexual orientation to 'fit' your pairing.

:bulletgreen: Original Characters - OCs are allowed, but canon characters must also be present or be set in an immediately recognizable setting (i.e. having your OC wizard students attending Hogwarts is fine, however, an OC wizard with a wand and no recognizable locales or spells being used is not enough).

:bulletgreen: Continuity - please submit chapters in order. We reserve the right to decline chapters of a work if all previous chapters have not been accepted into our gallery.

:bulletgreen: Submission Limit - At the moment, submissions are limited to two a week. This may change as the group grows.

:bulletgreen: When posting a new story, please submit only the first chapter. After that one is approved, you may post new chapters at your leisure within the submission limits.

:new: Mature Content - While you are allowed to submit mature content and works with ideologically sensitive material, admins are not required to read or act on things that make them uncomfortable. We thank you for your patience.

:bulletgreen: Flash Fan Fiction Friday - If your Flash Fan Fiction Friday entry would put you over the week's limit, please tell us this in your comment on the entry when you link us the story, and hold off on submitting it to the group gallery.

Reasons Why a Submission Might Be Declined

:bulletred: Mary Sues - Mary Sues/Gary Stus are overly perfect characters with little to no flaws, and they outshine the main cast.

:bulletred: Grammar, Spelling, Punctuation - Please, please, please edit your stories. An occasional typo happens to everyone, but basic grammar rules need to be understood and followed. Fics with multiple errors will be declined, as will fics with "fill in the blank" sections.

:bulletred: dA Rules and Guidelines - No submission that breaks dA submission policies will be accepted. Please don't argue with me about the rules. It's dA's site, it's their rules. If it's mature, tag it. FAQ #554: Is my deviation Mature Content? FAQ #251: You prohibit the submission of 'pornographic literature'; what do you consider this to be? Repeated attempts to submit works that flagrantly violate dA's rules on pornographic content will result in being banned from the group. :(

:bulletred: Quality - 'Quality' is a very subjective term, but your fic should be well organized, interesting and easy to understand.

:bulletred: OC x Canon - All relationships should be canon, or at least conceivable in that fandom. For this reason, we don't accept OC x Canon fics if that Canon character is in an established relationship. Any OC x Canon relationship must be conceivable (i.e. it is believable, even expected, for Captain James T. Kirk to have numerous "flings" with pretty much any female around).

:bulletred: Wrong Gallery - Deviations submitted to the wrong gallery, or not labeled so we can tell what fandom they belong to, will be declined. We want our galleries easy to navigate.

:bulletred: Plot - Have one.

:bulletred: Implausible Crossovers - As mentioned in the crossover rule above, any crossovers have to make sense and be conceivable. No human!Ponies with sparkling vampires (I haven't seen that, but I'm sure it's out there).

:bulletred: Moderator Discretion - This is similar to the 'Quality' issue listed above. Sometimes - for varying reasons - a story may not quite fit inside our guidelines. For that reason, we rely on Moderator discretion. Our Moderators have to right to refuse any story as necessary.

:bulletred: "Submit and Run" Members - Please do not join our group long enough to submit, and then leave the group.

:bulletpurple: Special Note - There are so many fandoms out there, it's impossible to be familiar with each one. We will do our best to insure all the fanfics here are canon (or canonically possible), but if you find one that is not, please note the group so we can investigate it.

As we are still new, these rules are subject to change. Any major changes will be announced in a blog. If you have any questions, please send us a note.
Flash Fan Fiction Friday (close enough :shifty:) (4F)

*cough* Let's pretend it's Friday, shall we? Because if it were Saturday, I'd be late posting this and that would never do. ^^; Ahem, anyway...

Last week, we exerted ourselves with our "Control" theme. Please take a moment to read over our entries!

Anagnorisis (Flash Fan Fiction Friday)It feels really natural, until you realize that it's not.
I mean, doesn't anything? There are so many things we do automatically, each day, without understanding how or why. A word here, a smile there. We don't think about putting one foot in front of the other when we walk. We don't think of why we use the exact same words to describe something hours or days apart. It's so easy to go through life, thinking we're making choices, when so many of them are made for us, somewhere we can't reach.
Do you ever think, ok, I'm going to smile now, when you see someone, or a camera? No, you don't. You just do it. It's ingrained in us, a part of our nature. It is what we are. We see a face and we smile, and our minds are focused on something else—on what we think of that person, on why we're smiling, but the choice is already made for us.
Have you ever heard something behind you when your eyes were locked, lips curled up?
Have you ever just been in the middle of one of those introductions, m
The Last GiftFandom: Doctor Who
Character(s): Tenth Doctor
I'm dying. You're coming for me, Death, and there's nothing I can do to stop you. But I can hold you off, just a little longer.
I've failed, this time around. I've been shown my soul and I can see what I've done. I've taken in good, brilliant people, and turned them into fighters, killers. The Children of Time, they're called: my companions, my protégés. The Defender of the Earth, with her stony stare and her gun as large as she is. The immortal Captain with his platoon, hiding under the ground, waiting with their arms and technology for the next attack from above. The Woman Who Walked the Earth and her husband, the "Idiot", tracking alien menaces and destroying them before they can harm their world. The Most Important Woman in the Universe, the one who tried to guide me, to stop me, to keep me from falling into the darkness. The one who never touched a weapon. Ha! Now there

As I sit here, pondering over a new prompt, all that comes to mind is one thing. I'm hungry. This week, let's explore "Basic Need(s)". You can choose any basic need (food, water, air, something specific to your fandom). You can have one or multiple needs. Whatever you'd like, but it must be a need, not a want (despite my many arguments to the contrary, chocolate is not, technically, a need). An argument can be made that social interaction can be considered a need, as apposed to pure isolation and not, say, being grounded for the weekend. I look forward to your stories! Enjoy yourselves!

(Seriously, that is how I chose a lot of my prompts. "Hmm, what popping into my head? Food? That's a bit boring. Let's expand that!")

:star: Contests :star:

None currently. Feel free to let us know if there's a contest you'd like us to include in our journal. :)

:bulletgreen: We now have a chat room! Come over to #LitFanFic and hang out a bit! SingingFlames tries to hop in there whenever she's on. :)

:typerhappy: Guidelines :typerhappy:

:bulletblue: 300 or 500 word count limit. If you really want to challenge yourself, try a 100 word 4F.

:bulletblue: You have until next Friday to submit your 4F.

:bulletblue: Include the theme in your 4F.

:bulletblue: Post a link to your 4F in the current Flash Fan Fiction Friday journal. When the next one is announced, I'll feature them. As of right now, there is no limit to how many you can submit (but I will only feature one per person).

:bulletblue: Submit your 4Fs to the gallery folder named "Flash Fan Fiction Friday," located at the bottom of the folder list. These submissions won't be as highly monitored as regular submissions, since you only have a week to work on them. However, grammar and spelling do still count.

:la: Did You Know? :la:

Why do you write? More specifically, who do you write for? Do you write just for your own enjoyment, without the intention of sharing it? Or do you plan to publish it (even if it's "only" online, as in DeviantArt of

When we write for others, that can be stressful and take the enjoyment out of it. If you ever lose the joy of writing, or find it becoming a chore to get that next chapter out, perhaps you should try writing for yourself. Open up a notebook (or a word-processing document) and write out a story just for you. Let the Mary Sues abound, if you want. Want overly dramatic characters? Throw them in there! Purple prose up the wazoo? Go for it! Do all the things you'd never do for your audience. This piece is just for you. It's your guilty pleasures writing.

Just write to make yourself happy. Who cares if no one sees it? It's your gift to you.
More Journal Entries


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